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Welcome to The Shattered Lens


Mission Statement

The Shattered Lens hopes to look at the political issues of the day from a perspective based on the idea that any democratic government is unstable and the threat comes from within.  This stands in stark contrast to the universally held American popular-culture concept which insists that ‘Freedom isn’t free’ and its price is military service against the foreigner.

Even though almost no one in the United States today accepts the premise that internal political divisions threaten our democracy many American Patriots of the past did.  It was the number-one concern at our 1787 constitutional convention and it was confirmed by our civil war.   The Shattered Lens claims President Lincoln’s statement that ‘A house divided against its self cannot stand’ as sufficient justification for having the perspective continuously aired, even in the most harmonious of times.  In times like these, when we really are turning on each other, the issue is critical.

In 1989 our last military opponent gave up.  Without an external enemy to unite us, and lacking appreciation for how fragile our system is after a century of success, our internal political divisions slowly started to worsen.  Two decades later IPDs threaten our government’s ability to perform the most basic functions, like pass a budget.  Two more decades of true dysfunction and the American People could long for authoritarian overthrow, in the name of, as Mussolini put it, making the ‘trains run on time’. 


Seeing America Thru a different Lens

 America is spinning its wheels because we do not see the solutions to because we see our most pressing problem we do not see the lens. This unique perspective is nowhere else on 24/7 media..

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Thomas Mitchell Ingraham was born in 1958 into a family that was academic and intellectual to its core.