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Chapter 7

Certainty and Action are the enemy

1.     In order to support democracy we must be uncertain

                a.     If you are certain that you are right then you are certain that your opponents are wrong. 

                b.     f you are certain then the answer must be obvious.

                c.      If the answer is obvious and the other people don’t see it then they must be unqualified

2.     Action is the only thing that can divide

                a.     Government action always divides

o   Unless there is universal support from the population, which is very common

                b.     Speech, even an individual talking with their neighbor, can also divide

o   Speech like flag burning is meant to divide

3.     That which is held in people’s hearts is not subject to review by their fellow citizens, only their actions

                a.     When, for example, a person does a racist thing the punishment must be for the act not for the evil it reveal in the person’s soul.

                b.     Denver Basketball coach

                c.     We all have some evil in us.  We are only called on to not act out.

4.     It is the certainty of religion that makes it a bad mix with politics.  If my political opinion is in alignment with God then your opponents are certainly wrong.