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            In America, we have 10% unemployment, pain on main street, profits on Wall Street, and gridlock in Washington DC.  Glen Beck blames Obama.  Al Sharpton blames Fox news.  The republicans blame the democrats and vice versa.  The decade between 2000 and 20010 was the only time in a century that the stock market went down.  Our national horizon has China looming to overtake America in world prominence.  This is the first time in our history when parents and our children believe that our best days are behind us.  Collectively as a county we believe that the next generation will not have it as good as the current generation.



            In Iraq, the government is corrupt.  Law and order is a dream.  People are killed everyday by suicide bombers.  The power is erratic.  The oil is flowing, but not to the benefits are not reaching the person on the streets.

            In Afghanistan, it is even worse.  Instead of oil, opium is the basis of the economy.   America spends $??? Billion dollars a year to help a county whose main job is feed our addiction.  The government is corrupt.  

            We need some answers and we are not hearing anything new on the 24/7 news or from Washington DC.

            The answer is not pretty.  It is staring us in the face, but it is never talked about.  It is the elephant in the room because we do not want to admit our neighbor is the source of all our problems.   By definition, it is democracy’s biggest weakness. It pits neighbor against neighbor because if the majority rules and I am suffering then the majority of the people are responsible for my suffering.   This lack of trust in the intelligence and basic goodness of the side that won the last election has us spinning our wheels.  It is our “crazy Aunt in the closet” that we that no one wants to talk about.