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Chapter 4

It’s us not the politicians


1.     Politicians want their supporters to believe that the next election is important.  If their opponent is dangerous then that helps.  It is possible to run for office and at the same time publicly respect the opinion of your opponent but it is more difficult

2.     Media outlets have the same problem.  If it isn’t important why buy the paper?  If both sides are good and intelligent why is it important?

3.     It is up to us and what will be asked for is extremely difficult.

a.We do have a couple of things going for us

o   The problem is in our hearts so we have control

·      We despise our political opponents and this is the root cause of the bitter divisions that we see around us

4.     The American people are neither evil or stupid, so we have truth on our side

5.     When you beat up on an elected official you are insulting the people that voted for him/her