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Chapter 3

It’s just an assumption


1.     Saddam says that the people are like children and by advocating democracy the American people reject this as untrue

a.     We say that we feel like adults and feel qualified to discharge the awesome responsibility

b.     This is only an assumption only, democracies have been notoriously unstable throughout history and even our own failed catastrophically once

o   Examples of democracies failing can be read in the newspapers, not just history books

2.     In order for democracy to make sense one must assume that the vast majority of people are qualified

a.If they are not qualified then democracy it’s self does not make sense

b.In order to be qualified the people must be neither stupid nor evil

3.     Yet in our current political culture people are allowed to strongly imply that their political opponents are either stupid or evil and

a.     They are never called on it even though doing so would be exceedingly easy

o   What makes you better qualified to make this judgment than your political opponents?

o   If that many people are unqualified, either evil or stupid, then we need to overthrow the system not adjust policy, right?

o   If you have made mistakes in the past how can you be so certain now?