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Chapter 1

Now Beware Your Neighbor


1.     When the statue comes down the American people view the event as fundamentally good

.     Allowing the dictator to abuse the citizens without them having a say doesn’t make sense

2.     Saddam had his answer, ‘The people are like children, they need a father’

.     This is the standard authoritarian answer ‘the people are not qualified’ to select their own government

3.     For the Iraqi people the arrival of democracy felt like a shift in their relationship with their neighbors.

a.      They went from co-victim of the dictator to direct threat

b.     They feared for the future and this fear pulled at the preexisting divisions

c.     When they did vote they voted their faction, kind of like how children would act

o   They did it because they feared that the other factions would do the same

o   They did it because if the other faction did take power they did not trust them with how they would use it.